16 October 2006

Mini guide to racism

For all those fascists living in the cosmopolitan moscow, it may be sometimes hard to distinguish between whom to assault or whom to pass by. Not every dark haired guy is your enemy!

Top row: Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Jewish, Romany, Kyrghyz.
Middle row:
Belarusian, Lithuanian, Georgian, Armenian, Kazakh, Uzbek.
Bottom row: Latvian, Estonian, Azeri, Moldovan, Tajik, Turkmen.

Note: I have met a lot of Turkmen guys; but none looks close like the one above.

(Thanks to Veryrussian blog for inspiration)

1 comment:

Brian said...

Merhaba. I am Seymen's friend Brian. I know a lot of Georgians and none look like the picture. I do have a Turkish friend who looks a lot like the Tatar!!! Ha ha, it looks a lot like him. Oh, not Seymen. Seymen looks like, what..., none of these pictures. Maybe a dark haired Estonian.