17 November 2006

His Majesty (from The Photo Album)

I have a lot of questions and comments about the mysterious character of His Majesty. He already has some fans on this blog...

From appointment to his majesty, I hereby present some of my picks from his royal photo album:

Prince Charlie "Charlitto" Gogusetti II, was born in 1960's in the southern Italian town of LaGogusellini near Palermo.

He was the bare-fist boxing champion of mid-southwest Italy in 1972 (seen here beating the Prince El-Fattah of Egypt in a Royal Boxing Tournament)

In 2005, He was the guest-of-honor at King Carlos's Annual Royal Barbeque Party. (seen here in his matador costume and holding two shasliks for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles)

He was the room-mate of South Park's creators in University of California so he is featured as Roberto in South Park.

After leaving all the glory and wealth, now he leaves a quiet life in Moscow and socializes with Turkish expats (what a downfall indeed...)


Olesya said...

I think he is so cute. Can I get his number?

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look that old