30 January 2007

Beware of the pills!

What would you expect from an innocent bevarage vending machine? ..Bevarages of course! But this frightening piece of news from gazeta.ru shows the new low the russian nightlife scene has reached.

In the course of a routine raid at the city’s Tunnel nightclub (I have been there...damn), policemen stumbled upon a private party celebrating the birthday of one of the club’s owners. The police were immediately suspicious because of the unusually high number of people on drugs, even for a nightclub.

When asked where they had got the drugs, the party-goers said they had bought them from a Pepsi drinks machine. After several more similar answers the policemen lost their temper and, according to one of the revellers, started beating up some of the patrons. Great! Now it is their time to get beaten :)

But even then the same explanation was given, so one of the law enforcers approached the machine and gave it a kick. Much to the amazement of the officers, several ecstasy pills dropped out of the machine. With this, the incident was virtually over. ''At least they stopped beating up the guys,'' one club visitor said. The police arrested 20 people and seized the offending machine. The club was then closed ''for technical reasons''. It is always the technical reasons in Russia...even they lost the space race for technical reasons..

Further investigation revealed that drug dealers working in the Tunnel had created a rather clever scheme for trading their wares. When a clubber wanted a “lift”, he paid 350 roubles (about $12) to the dealer and was allowed access to the Pepsi machine, which delivered a pill when he pressed a button. Police experts are working on the machine which has been declared forensic evidence, but say it will be very difficult to prove the dealer’s involvement.

Note1: What the hell does a bevarage vending machine do in a nightclub?? The club is supposed to sell these stuff overpriced and full of ice...

Note2: My apologies..this is rather old news I suppose. One of my readers told me that it happened in 2004 (and I was there in 2006 and they distributed drugs freely in the open then..so we have to congratulate the law enforcement for their hard work)

Note for the public: Turkish Invasion strongly opposes drug intake (even the legal ones used in Russian hospitals for anaesthetics) and suggests Russian day-time TV instead. They have the same brainkilling effect.


Cem said...

En az yazilar kadar guzel olan kisim, yazi alti notlari oluyor ;)

Sadettin Koçak said...

What if, the goverments would supply drugs with a very cheap price for the drug addicts, and by this way, make drug business non-profitable and meaningless?

Field Commander Dinc Arslan said...

Tesekkurler Cem...alkislarinizla yasiyorum :)

Field Commander Dinc Arslan said...

I think it will not be a total solution to this problem, because it is assumed that the total number of addicts stay the same as the drugs are supplied as a welfare and since their lifespan is really low (compared to healthy individuals) the problem will be solved as they die. But unfortunately the very cheap drugs will not only welcome new addicts but also postpone the need for curing the current addicts...I hope there can be a solution in the near future...Thank you for your comment by the way.