31 January 2007

Moscow as the 48th most liveable city for foreigners

(A year ago, the Global Market Insight rating included 30 cities - and Moscow was ranked 26th on the list.)

The respondents find practically nothing good or nice about Moscow.

The respondents are particularly displeased by Moscow's climate, which they call the worst of all cities, worse even than St. Petersburg. "This aspect is particularly important for tourism and immigration. It follows that the cities deprived of this natural advantage should be seeking for other ways and means of showing themselves," Simon Anholt said.

Mikhailov and Partners President Yuliana Slascheva believes that foreigners are being unfair. She claims that a lot of her foreign friends put Moscow in the same category with Paris, Rome, and London where entertainment is concerned.

According to Slascheva, negative image of Russia in general is also having its effect. Still, the image is the first thing needed for tourism and investments. The German magazine Focus ran a lengthy story in its latest several issues, a story by a German journalist who had spent several years in Moscow. This is what the author advises foreigners who want to be taken for Russians: wear a grim expression in public, push subway doors into the face of whoever is following you, and talk loudly into your cell phone in theaters. (as I have always advised fellow invaders)

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