23 January 2007


Now the proud owners of the LADA brand may enjoy the newest service...Ladassistance, If you experience a breakdown (and can't solve it by yourself) just call them and they will send their best and sober mechanics to solve the problem by the most modern way available in Soviet Union until 1977.

The Ladassistance Team on work

Not all...if the car cannot be repaired on site, it will be carried "gently" to a nearest garage for more sophisticated repairs in european standarts...(or left to rust in your back garden)

Our Chief Mechanic Yuri Gribakov, Hero of the Soviet Garage, proudly poses with the new full iron- cast Lada engine

Not all...you are given an alternative mean of transport untill your Lada is repaired and back to its brilliance again.

The latest addition to the fleet to help you reach your destination..and it is environmentally friendly (like all our cars)

DISCLAIMER: The LADA mentioned in this blog has no relations to the Russian brand лада. All occurences and resemblance is purely coincidential, fictional or funny.

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two-zero said...

I took a gypsy cab (taxi) recently. The Lada driver made U-turn over some tram-tracks and nearly wrecked his car, because these tracks are higher (as high as the sidewalk) and he didn't slow down much. Just the sound hurt me. When I made an "uhh" sound, the driver responded: "No worries, eta Russkie machina (its a Russian made car)!". They may be ugly and simple, but they can take a lot of beating :-)