23 January 2007

Another ideas..

You may notice the slow down of my posting rate..ok I am getting lazy..but not that I am out of ideas and there is always something cool and weird happening in Moscow (and Russia), keeping me amazed.

But here is something different. Many of you may know that I have spent (and maybe wasted) a lot of time in writing fiction stories. Some got published in (God knows who reads) some web sites and got mediocre-to-good reviews. I have currently no time and energy to post these here but I got an idea about a story while travelling with a bunch of nerds in the moscow metro. (Well, those were the types that read russian literature from the tiny screens of their mobile phones. I appreciate the love of literature and the endless struggle to focus on the miniature russian characters on the screen in a moving train (and damn, some of the metro drivers are really crazy...they have no concept of gradually braking to a halt..no wonder that they are paid around 1000$ a month for driving through the dark underground maze))

So here is the deal...

A secret code or a script is devised to read and analyse all the e-mail traffic and the text in the websites. It (somehow) feeds to a central AI, which eventually (or maybe unintentionally) gathers all the result of the human intellect online, like someone who is locked in the Library of Congress and forced to read (and learn) all the books inside...so what can that lead to?

-(Apocalyptic) This program may revolt (as all AI somehow do) and lead to total destruction of the communication and all it can reach through the internet...hmm, seen it before...

-(Dystopic) The program may play tricks on humans...maybe just for amusement. It can alter ongoing mails, websites and press releases and noone may notice it at first. Since it knows all our ways of reaching the information, it can devise ways to block access to itself or simply deletes its traces. So the internet is shut down and back to the good old days of stamps and envelopes.

-(Utopic) When it reaches a higher state, some nerds may worship it or may start asking the question "What is the meaning of Life?" (see Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy)

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