22 February 2007

Defenders of the Motherland Day

Turkish Invasion congratulates all the brave fighters of the Russian Army and the Russian men's "Defenders of the Motherland Day".

This celebration originates from the first draft into the Red Army in 1918 (during the Russian Civil War, when Russians killed Russians. Now they still do, but don't call it a Revolution)

This day of rememberance turned in to the Soviet Army and Navy Day in 1949 and the Soviet tanks and other weird killing machinery found another day to enjoy a quick rumble across the Red Square and show what they have in stock for the evil capitalists. This day, not only veterans but the active servicemen in the Soviet Army (once the most fearsome human organization the world have ever witnessed after Ottoman janissaries on the gates of Vienna) were celebrated and the worn-down soldiers would enjoy some vodka,hugs and maybe more.

After the collapse, all holidays and celebrations got their "Soviet" erased and given new (and sometimes irrelevant) names. The Soviet Army and Navy Day became "The Defenders of the Motherland Day" and continued to be celebrated on 23rd February; but the long reaching poisonous arms of capitalism have found a new virgin field to exploit and made this day a "Men's Day" where the women gives (or should give) gifts to their fathers, brothers, boyfriends and male colleagues. Nevertheless, knowing that 8th March is the "Women's Day", it really makes an artificial shopping spree for two weeks...

Welcome to a new are of peace!..Let's defend the motherland with our bad jazz music

Keeping it real in the navy!

If that poor guy was in Moscow on 23rd February, those black battle paint will be lipstick instead...

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