21 February 2007

In Russia we have..

I was unable to update the blog for a while (I am really busy nowadays..i am trying to keep my body temperature in healthy limits while it is close to -20 outside) SO here is a selection from my photos about Russia...What we have in Russia:

The Notorious Russian Winter (and beheaded guys walking around Red Quare). Today it was -21 on the street.

Russian Women...always redefining the concept of beauty.

A perfect government and bureucracy...the state exists for the absolute well being of its citizens (and rightfully don't care about us, the sick foreigners and invaders from the south)

Cheap genuine products...

Jesus Christ and the Meow Christ...delivering salvation to the lonely Russian souls

The new Lada Multivan...carrying more for less.

Statues of beaten stray dogs...

Milk in toothpaste format (and taste)

Nerds praying for unlimited internet access

Note: The Lada stated here has no correspondence whatsover to the beloved and admired (then Soviet) Russian automotive brand Лада. All similarities are ourely coincidental and funny. Turkish Invasion recommends Лада to all of its readers for a pure driving fun, comfort and survival in Russian winter.


isil said...


Fotograf alti yazilarin cok komik :)

En cok Jesus ve Meaow'u sevdim. Super fotograf, sen mi cektin yoksa?

Field Commander Dinc Arslan said...

Tesekkurler Kuzen, :)

Fotografi bir arkadasim gondermisti...