11 April 2007

End of 1st Year

Today the Turkish Invasion is unofficially one year old. One year ago, everything started in the dusty Sheremetevo Airport with 3 gigantic luggages, a non-existent and filthy russian accent and a long wait for a company car.

Here is a couple of things I have done so far:

-Learned: some Russian. (теперь я умеею!)
-Seen: some Russian Cities (Moscow, St.Petersburg, Saratov, Ivanovo, Sergiev Posad)
-Drunk: some alcohol (Vodka with considerable amount of Red Bull)
-Read: some books about World War II and biographies of Lenin and Stalin
-Met: some nice people from all around the world (and a lot of Russians)
-Eaten: a lot of Borsch and Russian Junk Food.
-Had: never a good hair cut.
-Understood: that the inner beauty really exists (but not in Russia! -so far-)
-Got: some weight on (and lost all of it in a month)
-Used: The Metro twice a day (although I hate it)
-Watched: some Russian films and all series of LOST
-Worked: some (!) overtime
-Trusted: some people (and they never let me down)
-Excelled: in MS Excel
-Gone: to nearly all museums in Moscow
-Had: a lot of fun

The Turkish Invasion may have created some irreplaceable psychological and materiel damage in Russian Federation, but don't forget: noone is innocent...


Cem Vedat ISIK said...

E hayirli olsun yaw, 1 seneyi devirdin demek...

ксуш said...

Happy anniversery! I hope you stay more..