18 September 2007

Another record breaking attempt...

This post is not about the latest gem in the post-soviet nuclear asenal, inspiringly called the Father of All Bombs, but about a (although failing) record breaking attempt to gather thousands of kissing couples in the Red Square.

Initially, 16 thousand people were expected to show the world how loving and caring the Russians can be, but actually 4 thousand showed up. Lonely hearts looked for their kissing partner with cards and slogans.

To avoid any of the (Turkish) Invaders to spoil the atmosphere by any degrading event (that they inevitably do in any instance), there was a key to be told in Russian "How can I go to the nearest library?" and an expected answer "Let me show it to you". It is really ingenious to also avoid the russian speaking minority of the invaders since none of them are interested in the libraries. (Actually some of them living in Moscow for many years don't even know the whereabouts of Lenin Library, although it also gives its name to a major metro station)

A shameless display of the corrupt demographics of Russia...Not enough boys

Not everybody is lucky to find a partner...

...and many of the invaders showed up to get their share in slavic kiss festival. GO BACK TO YOUR DESERT!

So the attendants kissed each other and displayed the loving face of the post-soviet world.

Note: Turkish Invasion proudly announces that Dinc didn't (or maybe couldn't) attend this event.

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