13 September 2007

Stop worrying about globalism and enjoy the coffee

Now Moscow has got the thing that all the frugal expats and americano-russians were craving for years. Starbucks Coffeehouse is up and running in the Mega Khimki Mall (up on the north) and they even sell blinis with honey!

СТАРБАКС :) if you can read it then you must be Russian or a foreigner in caffeine coma.

I was expecting a post-soviet rush and long lines for a venti mocha but my friends tell me that most of the customers were hesitant to order. Since Moscowites are already accustomed to Coffee Houses and there are a lot around the city, serving hot drinks for the vodka-rinsed stomachs.
The legendary opening of McDonalds in Moscow. Soviet citizens flocked to experience the evil taste of capitalist hamburger...most of them still do but the rest returned to the familiar taste of doktorskiy kolbasa with garlic.

I really wonder about their pricing strategy because the Starbucks in Turkey are (for me) overpriced and have instantly become a meeting point for the nouveau-rich Turkish kids, most of whom don't even know that there is a free wi-fi (a once trademark service of Starbucks).

And to be frank, I only visit McDonalds for the free toilet. Actually Moscow streets coherently serve as free toilets from dusk till dawn. (For the pathetic lowlifes who cannot read and understand Russian; it says "McDONALDS: The Chain of Free Toilets all around Russia")

Note: Turkish Invasion adores and approves everything that is american as long as it is not in Turkey or Russia.

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Hans said...

Istanbul is a much better place to live..))
Your parents didnt tell you this.))