03 October 2007


Yesterday, I attended the CSKA Moscow - Fenerbahce match in Lokomotiv Stadium.

The Fenerbahce side...supporters gathering slowly, 1,5 hours before the kick-off

Fenerbahce supporters (in detail) 1 hour before kick-off

Although I am not a die-hard fan for football and been a Galatasaray fan for some years, I was christened by Jedi master Okan Erdem to be initiated into the reality of Fenerbahce while we were working together in Istanbul. That is why this match was an interesting event for me.

Moscowite Lions (Galatasaray Fans) had a surprise for their arch-rivals...not all Turks supported Fenerbahce yesterday

Since I had a ticket in the CSKA sector, I was warned many times by fellow invaders that I should hide my non-slavic features by CSKA team apparel and refrain from cheering for Fenerbahce. The latter was easy because I really couldn't get used to watching a match live in the stadium and never concentrate on the game but watch how the other spectators puch the local stadium slang to the limits.

Invasion in Lokomotiv Stadium...even in the CSKA sector

I had my CSKA cap long before (i just can't stop adoring the red star on anything) and bought a scarf and took my place in the stadium, which turned out to be one of the best seats.

The teams line up

I have to say that the Turkish fans are much much livelier and supporting than their Russian counterparts. Even the 1500-ish Fenerbahce fans in the far corner had a lot of times suppressed the weak CSKA cheering. They also have the same seed (semechki) eating habit (I still have my lips sore from the salt)

A friendly result for a friendly game: 2-2

Despite all ill-minded warnings, nothing happened during and after the match and I have to say that a lot of Fenerbahce fans (in team colors) watched the game among the Russians. In Turkey, it would be a definite suicide.

There were more police and soldiers than the supporters, even in the metro

Wagner Love scores a penalty for CSKA...


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NoNe said...

yeah my brother was there too and was impressed by the F.bahce fans..
The score of the match was a little bit upsetting but anyway its worth to see the atmosphere..

Good site and good info..
Thank u..

Damla from Moscow