03 December 2007

Labelfucker (Episode III)

Thanks for coming to our latest Labelfucker party. We had lots of good people, good vibes and a very beautiful and stylish location. We met old friends and made new ones...

A lot of good people crammed into the loft for the party

A very big thanks to Chris aka Two-zero, the best expat blogger, my partner-in-crime and the shadow mastermind behind this project. Without him, we couldn't even have started this journey at all.

Thanks to Zak and Ja’bagh for letting us do a party in their studio. I know it was kinda hard to find (even I had difficulty), but I think everybody got even more surprised after the doors of that freight elevator opened and you were walking into a different world. At least this is how I felt, when leaving that night. I have been in New York. Dumbo, Williamsburg or So-Ho style. Then I take the elevator down and all over sudden I am in some dirty Moscow factory yard with lots of snow and ice.

This party had anything. From good DJs to a Rock n Roll band to fainting girls to lots of beautiful and nice people. Chris even sighted some Oligarchs and high level Government officials. Who parked this Maybach downstairs? Next time please come a bit more low level understatement. This is not really Labelfucker style. On the other hand, it shows what this party is about. No matter what label you wear or show, this party is all about people and not the show-off.

I would like to thank all of the supporters and the true labelfuckers, which helped us to make this event possible. Especially behind the bar where we had some breakneck moments with Margo, the most fabulous barlady of Moscow. Margo didn't even pause for a breathe and did her best to supply our friends with the drinks. We are now working on better ways to supply your need for alcohol and get you a beter service next time.

The Tipy live...these guys rocked the night

At that point a special Thanks to Michael, M, Alex K, Andreas and Gille, who just jumped in to help Margo and me with the bar when it got stressful.

Shout outs to DJ Nikka Vallo (early), The Tipy and DJ Vinylkin, who provided the tunes that night. A special thanks to Vinylkin, who worked his ass off that night and couldn’t really enjoy the party, other from the view from the balcony.

Same for the Rock n Roll band The Tipy. You guys ROCK!!!! I knew that from the first time I have seen you at Solyanka. BTW: The Tipy play regularly at Krisis Chandra.

Thanks to Corona and Red Bull for the supplies.

Did you lose something? We found a few things. Just post on Lost n Found and we’ll get back to you.

Please check our party website for more photos and videos...check back regulary for updates on our next party.

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