03 December 2007


I have written before that I have no interest in the results of the Duma Elections (not because that the results are highly predictable; but I am distant to this matter as a typical Russian citizen is to the secularist bullshit talk in Turkey...both of which are leading the both countries to different ends of the political magnet).

A friend of mine from last party called in his German accent "Zis will be da Gotterdammerung of Demokracy in Russia" (For all american-fed cultured ones out there who would rather eat burgers and watch Paris Hilton become the next rolemodel for their 14 year old daughters or sisters, Gotterdammerung is the name of one of the operas of Richard Wagner's quadrilogy of Rings of the Nibelung and roughly about the end of the world by a war among the gods in germanic mythology. The WWII freaks -like me- will remember the main tune from the documentaries where the directors love to mix the scenes of bombing Stukas with this piece of music).

I wasn't really interested that night since I was trying to mix drinks for thirsty guests...but this (and most of the Europeans') vision must be clarified about this topic.

The guy who has once beaten a supercomputer on a chess board, failed to beat an ex-KGB agent in politics...Gary Kasparov showed the press on how he gave his vote to noone.

First of all, those people don't have any idea about the Russians and Russia in particular. They weren't even born when 30 million innocent souls were sent to the other world just because of a pure evil man in power or they were enjoying their double-caramel milkshake when all accessible dairy in USSR was Bulgarian powdered milk. They have come from their welfare societies and their business class flights arrive to Moscow on time to get their highly democratic-minded bodies to their luxury homes in the city center (of course paid by the companies in $). These people never leave their hygienic expat neighborhoods and pity on those who ride the Metro not for sightseeing. All they know about Russia is the ill-prepared reports or from their European-wannabe Russian friends who like to spell their name in a Yevropeyskiy way (Peter for Pyotr, Andy for Andrey...etc).

Of course, Russia isn't all blank sheets after all. As the pure evil once stated "It is not important who gives votes; but who counts them". Violations have likely occured but all the people I met before and after the elections are rather satisfied with the result. After all, all they needed was stability and trust...they found it in Putin and his party.


I think that nobody would care if they crowned him tsar or make him leader for life (maybe some would like to rename him Vladimir Rusbasi like the late Turkmenbasi, some day) if Putin keeps this country strong both inside and outside. So here is what we (the Turkish people) couldn't do for more than 70 years: Russians clearly state that they don't give a damn about the Western democracy, their sick values of right and wrong and keep a strong belief around an ideal, nationhood and the Leader, who repeatedly clarifies that he is there for the nation's well being. So Moscow will be once again crammed with a lot of NGO staff from all around the world, because the old alumni apparently couldn't do their job of "understanding" Russia...it is clear that they wasted a lot of their office time in internet, looking for poor girls that they can enchant with their glossy passports.

"Putin's plan is the victory of Russia"...hopefully

So here is the boring part of this article...the results of the election:

All-Russian Political Party “United Russia”

64,1 %

Political Party “Communist Party of the Russian Federation”

11,6 %

Political Party “Liberal- Democratic party”

8,2 %

Political Party Fair Russia: Motherland, Pensioners, Life

7,8 %

Political Party “Agrarian Party of Russia”

2,3 %

Political Party “Russian United Democratic Party ’YABLOKO’”

1,6 %

All-Russia Political Party “Civil Force”

1,1 %


1,0 %


0,9 %

Political Party “Party of Social Justice”

0,2 %

Democratic Party of Russia

0,1 %

So the Putin-backed parties have a total sum of more than 70% of the votes and easily exceeded the number of 300 seats in a 450 seated Duma, where they can make changes constitutions.

Someone with a deadly sense of humor brilliantly vandalised this poster to create this new meaning "Putin's plan is the misfortune of Russia"

Note: I personally thank some of my readers for their kind help in developing my knowledge of Russian slang...but I think it is now useless to repeat that I am not against Putin or anyone in the USSR or Russia in particular. please save your curses for the traffic police or the face control thugs.

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