21 December 2007

Labelfucker New Year Party

Hello Friends,

Most of you must have been devoting a lot of productive time to your New Years' Day celebrations in Moscow nowadays. I know that Moscow offers a variety and a diversity of opportunities but I want to invite you to our New Year Eve Party "a la Labelfucker".

Where else could you enjoy the end of the year and the beginning of the new one, than in our Frunzinskaya Penthouse with windows to both sides overlooking Moscow. Enjoy the fireworks and have a glass of champagne with your friends.

Good Music, Good Food, Good Friends...that's what I'm talkin' about. You will also have a chance to see me in my soviet santa costume.

Our next party, the Labelfucker Episode IV (A New Hope...for 2008) will be on Monday Dec 31st from 10 PM to 4 AM (or longer) for a special evening with your friends.

Location will be a familiar one ...our notorious Frunzinskaya Penthouse (10th & 11th floor) where we had a couple of magnificent parties. (If you are new to our concept, please check our website for what we have done so far and don't forget to check the comments)

And here is a distinction to the New Year scene..this time we will have a cover fee of 4000 Rub/per person paid at entrance or 3500 in advance...A little explanation for the frugal ones of you, the cover includes: all drinks for free including a glass of real champagne for NY (the usual Labelfucker Bar with Margarita (who was also crowned as Miss Russia 2006) and me, plus wine and beers of plenty), a pre-New Years buffet with appetizers and salads, a buffet with a main dishes (from Indian to Italian) and a little breakfast around 4 AM. You don’t even have to miss president Putin's New Years speech. We’ll project it to the wall for you and translate for the sober guests.

I know, I know… it’s a good amount of money, but it’s still cheaper than any Moscow Club and it buys you a lot more drinks and food than you’d get in any club or bar that night, even if there weren’t a cover fee that night. Besides of the fantastic view from our Penthouse where you can watch how every new years' day the Russians spend more gunpowder in a day than they have used in the Battle of Berlin in 1945. It is way better than being crammed into an unventilated Moscow nightclub with a lot of vodka soaked gopniks and their girlfriends in prostitute style make ups...and even paying half of your salary for that.

This time to avoid troubles with neighbors, the police and the Red Army, we’ll limit this party to 60 people. (That means that you have to hurry) Email me (dincsemail@gmail.com) and I will guide you how to register and get on the list and a place on the window to see the Moscow fireworks.

Looking forward to celebrate the New Years with you.

Note: Turkish Invasion is proud to be one of the media sponsors of Labelfucker...if you want your brand to be present at our party email me at dincsemail@gmail.com.


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