12 December 2007


So you think that the mighty Soviet Nation (that have sent men to space easier than from Moscow to Vladivostok) could only produce Lada or Volga as automobiles? Unfortunately you are wrong. As one of the pillars of Cold War, the absolute communist answer to everything capitalistic, there had to be an equivalent to Volkswagen Beetle (or Fiat 600) as an easily affordable means of transportation for every soviet citizen.

Salute to 80's Soviet fashion and Oka

The Oka car was based on a highly unpopular Ukrainian predecessor "Zaporozhets" (which had nickname "Zapor" with a meaning of constipation in Russian). In 1988 a new concept car was designed on a Daihatsu Cuore chassis and had an engine that is technically the half of what a normal Lada has:750cc with 2-cylinders...like many contemporary racing motorbikes.

It can even run on water from Moscow River since it has more combustible material than the fuel sold in Turkey

Its design deliberately lacked any luxury elements and a safety package since it was designed to be an inner city car which would transport 4 comrades from factories to houses and back comfortably.

A gathering of Soviet Automotive Industry

Although the expectations from soviet city car engineering (after the distasteful experiment of Zapor)was low, Oka was an instant hit and a sudden dream material for every young soviet engineer.

Oka in front of Moscow State University

The name of the car comes from the Oka river in central Russia where all two factories building that car were situated. The design and the safety standards haven't much improved in coming years and the car is now seen as the ground zero for automotion on Russian streets. Many of the Oka drivers jokingly inscribe капсюль смерти (Death Capsule) on the back of their cars as Oka is not any safer than a Chinese motorbike.

Oka Interior

Simple robust soviet design

In Moscow, Oka cars are widely used by pizza delivery (since it is basically warmer than driving a bike in winter) and only a handful of enthusiasts remain who continue driving this car (Many Russians prefer taking easy bank loans and drive luxury SUVs instead). The price of a new Oka is around 3500$.

How many Russian girls can fit in a Oka?

The best answer is 11


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