12 December 2007

Enter Medvedev

At last Vladimir Vladimirovich announced his successor to the throne of Russian Federation. Dmitry Medvedev, 42, will be the next president next year (unless the WW3 starts).

Russian and Proud...

So who is he after all? Many of you may think that Russia is still governed by a bunch of old mad men surrounded by red nuclear missile launch buttons in their arms' reach; but it is a democracy (though heavily fabricated) and the citizens of Mother Russia elect their president for every 4 years.

Medvedev is also the chairman of the board of directors of Gazprom, which means that he has a say over the price of every meal that you heat in on the oven.

After Boris Yeltsin's unexpected resignation (Unexpected because every single one of Soviet leaders had to be disposed, dead or overthrown to leave their posts), Putin served for two consecutive terms (which was the legal limit for a presidential term) and was expected to bypass the respective laws and the constitution to let him serve for more. Even some of the die-hard fans dreamt of an imaginary post of a National Leader who would have all legal and judicial power over any elected official. In spite of all these offers and people begging him not leave Russia alone, Putin insisted on respecting the law and resigning peacefully. Indeed everybody thought so until he announced that he backed Dmitry Medvedev as his successor.

"This way to the office...don't be lost in Kremlin"

So what is the background mechanics for all these public display? International recognition, of course. Putin has the immediate power and public backing even to proclaim himself the tsar and found the Putinov Dynasty...I think a majority of the public would back that proposal given that they can ride their Lexus SUVs and eat imported french cheese with vodka. But he chose to be seen as a law abiding leader and spare Russia from being displayed like no other than a post-Soviet central Asian republic-wannabe, where leaders are elected for life and have deity powers. He is playing a wise game and leaving no weak points for the cunning western powers to exploit. Soon, Russia will rise again but not as a fear factory but as a complete equal to the West. It has vaults-full of hard cash, energy to light up the sun twice, educated manpower to brain drain all American universities, military power to invade Eastern Europe for another time and a cadre that has proved to be nationalistic and tactful. So this leadership change is like a democratic pit stop for Russia. This time the driver itself is being replaced but Putin will be steering the wheel from the garage since it has been announced today that Putin will be the prime minister and be serving under Medvedev.

Medvedev is also the most trusted man in government since he is directing the National Priority Projects

For those who don't have any idea about the next second most powerful man to be in the World, Dmitry Medvedev is currently the first deputy prime minister of Russian Federation and was already in the group of candidates for the presidency for some time. He was born in Leningrad in 1962 (It is now St.Petersburg...so don't be disillusioned if you cannot find Leningrad on the map) and has a PhD in Law. He was a member of the Putin's St.Petersburg Gang who has swiftly moved to Moscow and was handed over the powerful posts as Putin gradually rose to power. Now he is being paid for the absolute loyalty he has shown over years and will be the second most broadcast face in Russia.

"Do as i say"

"Do as i say hehehe"

"Do as i say"

"Do as i say"

For those who has minimal knowledge about Soviet Union and Russia, Medvedev will be the youngest leader of this country and the only one without a USSR-government and KGB experience...


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