11 December 2007

Where is the sun?

It is almost 3 weeks that I have been living under a constant shade of Moscowite air pollution, purple snow clouds and an inevitable darkness caused by the some geographic movements that our teachers made us memorize in middle school. We were enjoying our lovely mediterranean weather then; but I would have shown more interest if they told me that I would become no less livelier than a beast imprisoned in its dark den.

A warm salute to the tropical Russian weather...This is what sky looks like all day

So how hard is it to live without the sun for a long time? I have sensed that a lot of my non-russian colleagues have started to lose temper faster than they used to and everybody seems to have a bad mood and increased cases of absenteeism occur (it may also have a direct correlation of decreasing temperatures).

Russians seem to be accustomed to this kind of weather and many of them seek refuge in alcohol and TV (which have similar sedative effects on simple minds). The more responsible (and richer) type fly south to Egypt (it became cheaper then Turkey...we are losing our game to Arabs this time).

A decrease in mood in the workplaces...

Eventual boredom

A gathering on the snow may cheer up the comrades

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