09 January 2008

Is this the end?....of Turkish Invasion?

Dear Friends,

I am deeply sorry to announce on the 637th day, 14th hour and 8th minute of the Turkish Invasion of Russia that the Invasion is now officially over and Dinc will be kicked back to motherland on 15th January 2008...

The French failed to invade Russia in 1812

It has been the second most interesting experience of my life (the first was being born). I have met with a lot of interesting people with most of whom I made incredibly strong friendships and spent wonderful time together. Formed strong alliances with 16 different nationals (including Russians), Seen maybe the worst and the best man made places on Earth (both happen to be in Russia, Been to a lot of clubs that would surpass any wild nightlife form on the planet, drank considerable amount of vodka and derivatives, Tasted and loved practically every singly kind of Russian food, studied and excelled in Russian language (but still cannot interact with the grizzly cashier in local market), Visited many big and small Russian cities (that most of you haven't even heard about)...

The Germans failed to invade Russia in 1943

So...is this the end of Turkish Invasion? Apparently no, of course...We, the Turks, may have retreated from all the lands that we have conquered 500 years ago; but we learn from our mistakes :)

Now I am making a fresh new start with a new contract that will take me back to the Slavic lands...check back regularly (maybe in a couple of months) to see what I am experiencing in the other Slavic countries (Ukraine in particular)

This little "pause" doesn't make this blog useless at all...prospective visitors and expat wannabees are invited to read my past articles to understand the life and more about Moscow and Russia...It helped many and hope it will guide you as it is one of the most authentic around in internet.

I wish you all the best. Thanks for all your comments, feedback and I even loved the mails from the jerks in N.Novgorod (иди к черту!)

до свидание!


Cem Vedat said...

Dinc, kardesim. Zaten fethedecek ne kalmisti ki artik? Biraz da "kenarlari" gor bakalim... ;)

Me said...

:) The end of an era!