18 June 2008

eXile to be exiled??

The weekly newspaper that had million uses from a handy toilet paper in RealMcCoy Bar to a handy nightlife guide to be read in our traditional Friday evening after-work artery-clogging dinners at Starlight Diner, Exile, The New Communist Manifesto of the New Russia and Moscow in particular, is rumored to be closed soon...they even started ask for reader donations through PayPal.

Help the sinner Saint Mark

Although I personally met the editor several times, Mark Ames, who insists that he is the second sexiest man in post Soviet Russia and an endurance drinker for life, he never recognized me later (and therefore refused my articles to be published). Ames has done a fairly great job by providing us something decent to read in English, after the Moscow Times personals section. We enjoyed the sexaholic Hannah Katz and dreamed someday we would be the unlucky prey she hunted every weekend and had something written about the night later in the magazine, engaged in political and military discussions over War Nerd's great articles and hated Dmitry Babooshka with his charming illustration of the New Russian rich bastards.

Now that they have faced the wrath of Medvedev (They have meddled with Putin for a long time but it seems that he left the scum to his successor to deal with), it is something bigger than an issue of money right now. I hope they will survive...

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