03 June 2008

Moscow...Then and Now

I had a lot of positive reviews about the "Kiev...Then and Now" post. It seems that some nostalgia works from time to time, although my post about school girls already broken my site's record (as much as Miss Russia post)

Here is a pick from my Moscow photo archive (sorry for the bad quality; I had a very old 3Megapixels HP camera then). Triumphalnaya Ploschad (Metro Mayakovskaya area) in 1960s and in 2007...

Moscow 1960s...Communism was shining over Muscovites like a bright summer sun and the cars barely visible in the background belonged to the handpicked party elite

Moscow 2007...The evil mist of Capitalism has descended upon Mother Russia and the cars are now counted in thousands. (Not to mention the heavy curtain of advertisements)

Photo source: (1) English Russia and (2) me myself

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Сергей said...

Take a look at this project:
"Moscow. Back to the future. Retro vs nowadays": http://www.retromoscow.narod.ru/