27 June 2008

A week to remember

Neither mine nor Hans' guesses were correct and my wishful thinking about a Turkey vs Russia final in Euro 2008 vanished with the two semi-final matches this week.

Welcomed as heroes

Meeting the enthusiastic crowd in Taksim Square

A heavily damaged Turkey, with most of its star cast being suspended or injured, was expected to be an easy chew to the German Panzers; but showed them the very essence of Turkish nature: "Hope dies last!". A shocking gameplay that froze the Bundesliga stars to their own field was crowned with an opening goal; but Germans stroke back with two consecutive strikes that left Turkish team (which has mastered the dramatic turnbacks in last three matches to result in many premature deaths in Turkey from cardiac arrests) to look back to its last minute man, Semih to do it again for a late equaliser. This time it was no gentle Switzerland, over-confident Czech Republic or boasting Croatia but the Germany which won enough football trophies to live down the defat at two world wars. They secured their way to finals at the end...Although played better and more lively, Turkish side was the one to shed tears and pack the bags for a return home.

Bolshoy Ballet in Euro 2008

Why does it always rain on me?

Like Turkish, Russians were also overjoyed by their equally unprecedented drive to semi-finals with a gigantic win against the all time favourites, Holland. After Turkey lost, I lost all my appetite for a night to remember at finals againt Russia but still clung to the hope that the Russian team could appear once again versus Spain; but the Spaniards finished with 3 neat goals and sent the last remaining slavic team on the european football fields back to the Red Square.

Doing the CSKA-kick

"Comrades, it is real grass!!"

Now it will be Germany vs Spain...and i think i will not be watching it.

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Internation Musing said...

So me, no final for me.
In fact, a final between Turkey and Russia was not a bad idea after all..))
Turkey's next matc? Against Armenia, September 10, that will be a hot one..))