23 June 2008

Yevro 2008 continues...

Chempionat Yevropy po Futbolu (Чемпионат Европы по футболу) or Euro 2008 continues as Turkey and Russia made their way tıo semi-finals against the Euro-soccer giants Germany and Spain respectively.

Turkishmen guessing the result of Russia vs Holland game

Turkey, "The Comeback Kings" as British press likes to call it, surprised us again and nearly killed us from after-joy endurance drinking and celebrating the score (actually dancing) outside with bums, drunks and serial killer lookalikes in thousands as they infested the Taksim Square right after every national victory making the one of the most lethal grounds on Earth.

Athough my companions see that as embracing the real Turkish public (as we represent the so-called elite) and feel that they have fulfilled their national duty to be one in joy; but I think I had nearly lost one of my nine-lives during our slang filled conversation with the riot police stationed nearby.

The Battleship Potemkin has arrived to Switzerland and it has more than a revolution on its deck

Anyway, we made it again and reached our personal best in European Championships. As did Russia with their spectacular win against the orange favorites of the game (Hans will be angry with me though) . My lucky guess about a Turkey vs Russia final still holds chances...lets see if that happens.

Saving the USSR spirit for Spain...

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Internation Musing said...

I agree with you Senior Dinc, Russia deserved to win..)))