25 July 2008

Most Expensive....Again?

I guess Moscow will not play for the second spot for a couple of years to come on Forbes' Most Expensive Cities List.

Moscow Doesn't Believe in your tears...stay in your own country!!

Russia Blog has a wonderful article about this:

Moscow today has no shortage of talented professionals from the regions who will work for less than foreigners, without the hassles of employers obtaining permits from the Federal Migration Service, which, just like last year, temporarily suspended issuing work visas this summer.

...which means that you either have to secure a contract with a multinational company or your local company's main office or do not ever think about coming to Moscow at all..

Kyev, which in many respects resembles Moscow three or four years ago, is starting to compete for expats in the coveted high-level financial services and distribution/retail management categories. Is Almaty turning into the next boomtown? Stay tuned.

...well I guess Kiev will be a hotspot for the expats for some time but its days will be soon over...

You can read the rest of the article here.

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