20 August 2008

Turkish Cobra's in Georgia

Russia has been blaming a number of countries for helping the rearmament and restructuring of the Georgian Army (which they have beaten in 3 days) for a couple of years and Turkey, although unknown to many Turkish that they have a flourishing weapons industry (to the limits that the american strategic allies permit), has seemingly supplied with the Cobra armoured vehicles.

It is actually a badly reshaped Humwee by Turkish taste

In my recent post about the Chechen dominated Vostok Brigade's involvement in the South Ossettian war, I have used a photo in which a bunch of Russian tanks rolled by a ruines Georgian armoured vehicle. An anonymous reader* has commented that that vehicle was indeed one of the Cobra vehicles supplied by Turkey.

The Georgian Cobras parade the Tbilisi streets before they got hammered by Russian tanks

It seems that they had a severe beating by the Russian tanks...It is mentioned in wikipedia that 15 Cobra's have been delivered to Georgia for a sum of 3 million $, so the wreckage in the photo in that post is around 200,000$ worth...

*Update: The anonymous reader has been found to be a good friend, Hazim, who has been an avid contributor to this blog by his valuable feedback and suggestions.

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