11 September 2008

BelCuFaM 2010

Using the same metro station (Mayakovskaya) for 2 years made me a special fan of the artwork beautifully hidden in the niches. Every one of 34 ceiling mosaics in those niches made by Alexander Deyneka had a theme of 24-hours in Soviet Union, so even if you are 33 meters below the Moscow traffic, snow, spit and mud, you could enjoy the bright soviet future above.
One of them (seen below) was depicting the zenith of soviet agriculture featuring a soviet collective farm woman driving a weird machine through the great wheat fields.

No need to say more about the devastation and the millions of lives lost for "the collectivization" of agriculture in 1920 and 1930s; and here is the result of the decades of soviet agricultural know-how combined with the "russian way" of doing business:
The Belarussian Cucumber Farming Machine, BelCuFaM 2010...coming soon to a cucumber field near you

More photos @ English Russia

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