12 September 2008

Ronald for UN General Secretary!

We already know about the Big Mac index (which I have been using to show the propective expats that Moscow is expensive as hell) and now here is another thing from our beloved unhealthy-artery clogging food chain, McDonald's.

Meet the next United Nations General Secretary

It's known as the McDonald's theory of war, but has nothing to do with hand-to-hand combat for McMuffin (explanation for my readers in Muslim countries, it is just pig meat hamburger with semi-fried oily bread. No country with a McDonald's outlet, the theory contends, has ever gone to war with another...and now since every country has one, the eternal peace has ultimately landed on Earth!

Ronald McDonald during Russian-Georgian peace talks in Tverskaya McDonalds

The logic is thus: countries with middle classes large enough to sustain a McDonald's have reached a level of prosperity and global integration that makes warmongering risky and unpalatable to its people.

To ensure heart disease, obesity and diabetes all over the world (and peace, of course)

The Russia-Georgia conflict has finally blown this theory out of the water. Thomas Friedman, who invented the theory in 1996, said people in McDonald's countries "don't like to fight wars. They like to wait in line for burgers."

A typical Russian McDonald's

The Georgian conflict shows it's quite possible to do both.

Note for McDonald's lawyers: Turkish Invasion is not against McDonald's and actually adores the taste of Whopper. Dinc occasionally eats there and his mother doesn't know about it...


Michelle said...

I am crying this post is so funny....On behalf of my culture, I apologize for the promotion of international of world wide higher cholesterol.....P.S. Since I was a child, I always thought Ronald McDonald looked freaky and he quite frankly scares me.

super hero said...

i thought whopper was in king burger

Dinc Arslan said...

Really? :)