28 November 2008

Bus Stops

The first thing a fellow traveller would notice after leaving Kiev Boryspil (or Boris' Pole as some Polish-British "biznes"men prefer to call it) Airport (after the unimaginably beautiful and equaslly deadly customs officers) are the odd bus stops on the highway to downtown Kiev. Actually they are not really strange to me since I have seen many of those political un-artworks throughout Russia (but unfortunately missed to take photos of them). They are one of the surviving relics of the once glorious state that had lost its mind in inscribing the emblems of the state and its ideology in every piece of structure including facades, roofs, walls and of course bus stops, where fellow comrades would spend their waiting time in a politically correct manner

Now it seems that a German photographer has already done it...check it out.

...and more in here.

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