03 December 2008

Stars of the Homophobic Nation

Last month I have nearly collapsed on a horde of shiny black leather suitcases (definitely designer series and so numerous to pack half of Ukraine's nuclear arsenal) in the lobby of Premier Palace Hotel in Kiev (which is the very heart of unnecessary poshness in the capital of a non-posh country...and God save my company who can happily afford our stay there). At first I thought that half of the sheiks of Arabia has landed for a snap sex tour in the already aged strip alleys of the city but instantly cathed the unforgettable sight of a flamboyantly dressed woman (!) with short-cut platinum hair and sunglasses as big as a DnepropetrovskSteel torch welder.

Enter Boris Moiseev

First of all she is not a woman but turned out to be a famous Russian singer/dancer/art-object, Boris Moiseev, and he was wearing the huge sunglasses in the middle of the dim lit lobby at night and continuously firing orders to his henchmen, one of whom has already lost a lot weight trying to tame his little fashion dog. I was just about to avoid this lobby fun but inevitably entered the so-called star's private space (with radius of a kilometer) and shied away under his direct gaze as if he pitied on my shameful existence...funny. None of my non-slavic friends found that sight interesting but the Ukrainians were amazed that I have come so close to "a living legend". I was definitely "the man" of that night.

I have no prejudice against people's choices and somehow admire the creativity and sense of style of "these" people. It is also strange that they somehow manage to thrive in even the most homophobic communities like Russia and even in Turkey.

Take Sergei Zverev for example. Of course much less gifted than Moiseev but existing in every minute of MTV Russia and other similar garbage stations with his video clips praising Alla pugacheva and his latest hair studio (which was just steps from my house in Moscow...so I had to see his larger than life poster everytime i went out of Mayakovskaya station...not a pleasant sight after a hard day's work). He is rumored to have more plastic surgeries than the Jackson family itself and the result is undescribable...

Singer, Artist, Celebrity, Hair Designer, Model and winner of many fake gay medals

This is his latest distopian look...V for Victoria Beckham

Moiseev and Zverev in a rare moment

The latest addition...John McCain looking like Moiseev after Obama won the elections

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