12 December 2008

Afghanistan Remembered

29 years ago on 12th December 1979, Soviet Union entered Afghanistan to mark the final (and still continuing with different actors) battle of Cold War which claimed more than 20.000 Soviet servicemen and countless Afgan mujahideen and civilian deaths, created a total ground-zero country.

Check what I have written before about this war...and also Dmitri Venaev's blog. Also the book and/or the movie Kite Runner is strongly advised.

The last Red Army personnel in Afghanistan in 1989, Sobachkin the Hero Dog, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Red Army

"Take the heroes as example to yourselves " banner for the people in Kandahar

Memorial for fallen heroes

The commanders

The Red Army in full parade (with Lenin watching from the back)

Kabul, the glorious capital city of the People's Communist Revolution...

...and here are the revolutionaries

Photos from www.soldat.ru


Ulas Ergin said...

I found Kite Runner here
for anyone interested.

Charlie Wilson's War is also an Afgan-Soviet war themed movie.

Dinc Arslan said...


I have become addicted to that blog (thanks to you).

Also try this movie. Although a bit "americanized" it is a rare example of an English dubbed Afghan-Soviet War movie.

The Beast

Nevin said...

Ulas, I just checked out the above link you posted... very interesting web sight. Thanks!

Ulas Ergin said...

I watched Kite Runner,not soviet-war themed unfortunately.
I found and downloaded Beast of War on this link,in case someone else needs


thanks for the info

Dinc Arslan said...

Kite Runner is not actually based on the war but has some very touching scenes on Afghans opposing the invasion force.

Ulas Ergin said...

THANK YOU! Beast is a very good movie,i loved it.