17 December 2008

Random Photos from Russia

I was cleaning up for some storage space and found some old photos, probably done with my old samsung cell phone. Previously unpublished...

A dead fly "between" two pressure safety glasses in a Tupolev jet. (It should be a vacuum there)

Somewhere in Russia...on the road between Moscow and Ivanovo

A tyical Russian bus. Do not use any Russian bus for distances more then 35 meters. I spent a total of 20 hours in such buses and still in one piece.

My home in Mayakovskaya. Photo taken moments after I signed the contract (which would guarantee a yearly lodging in a small palace in some countries). I should find a photo of its later state to show you how I have excelled in IKEA hacking and turning this 25 m2 "room" into a decent home.

The only colourful sight in Russian skies (after burning soviet passenger jets). Photo taken on the way back from Ozgur and Anna's house.

More to come soon...

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