17 December 2008

Miss World is..

...this year not from South America but from Russia. Ksenia Vladimirovna Sukhinova is crowned Miss World 2008.

She was born August 26, 1987 and this makes her maybe one of the last Miss Russia's who were born in USSR. I agree that ths is a very unnecessary fact and hereby present Ksenia's photos.

She is 1.78m tall, a natural blonde and is a real West Siberian from the city of Nizhnevartovsk (where a lot of the Russian oil comes from)

Ksenia in her typical Russian "bending" pose

envy me...

Ksenia celebrating her "victory" on Red Square with a very strange flag. For those of you who has never seen a decent Russian flag, here it is:

...so you can make the same old "blonde jokes" again


Internation Musing said...

Do you have a blonde as a girlfriend?..))

Dinc Arslan said...

Not any more...