20 December 2008

Updates on Russian Automotive Industry

It seems that I have been away from the most thriving Russian industry after beer, the Automotive. Now the Volga has a new look (good news for middle aged Georgian taxi cab drivers..if any left after the latest war) and Russians now has a racing car to call their own.

GAZ (Gorky Automobile Factory) may lose its G (because the city "Gorky" has retrieved its historic name of Nizhny Novgorod after the dissolution of Soviet Union and the inevitable demise of Maxim Gorky) but still touches the G-spot of eccentric Russian car enthusiasts by another line of Volga car. This time the tradition of shameless industrial espionage continues with a touch of "partnerships" with the once-evil capitalists and the Russians are still exploited with obsolete American designs.

"Comrade Putin, this is the space ship bumper design that we have been working for the last 13 years"
"Space race is no fun...Find an old American car and fit this bumper. Market it as our own car. "
"You are a genious..."
"Tell me about it"

The glorious GAZ-Chrysler partnership is proud to introduce the new Volga, Siber. Notice how similar to the old Chrysler Sebring? Because it is the "same" car...just with a decade difference

Volga Siber 2008...

...and Chrysler Sebring 2001. Any difference?

One can produce a racing car and even can win trophies with it; but branding is an art for itself. I am not a professional in this field but personally think that the name Marussia would not be the name of the supercar that I would fit into my garage one day Maybe the rappers on the American West Coast may like the way it is spelled: "Get yer hendz off Ma Russia, b*tch!"

At least someone in Russia knows the true order of the tri-colors.

Looks like a Bugatti Veyron...but at least not a carbon copy as Voga Siber

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