01 March 2012


I said I will be away from Soviet Union for good but you can't stay away from something you hate for so long...it will eventually happen.

You can call it fate; but wherever I go and whatever profession I choose (regardless of congruency) Russia finds me. This time, my customer wants to go international (kudos to that), and like all Turkish companies who want to go international with the least minimum cost, chose Russia as its next market. I, as a trusted adviser and a domestic salesman who possess the sad fate of doing business in Russia, of course stepped in gallantly and offered my services. Let's see where that goes and I will keep you posted comrades...

Another thing is that I have already started a novella project loosely based upon my experiences (as falsely depicted with satire in this blog for 3+ years)...but it will be in "Turkish" since I have no logical means of publishing it abroad, after my lacklusting sponsor from X Embassy (X is a country in Europe) left to India for his next assignment and do not reply my mails :) Maybe he thinks I am asking for money...indeed I am; but not for sponsorship but for the zillions of beers I bought him through his extravagantly lavish expat life in Istanbul where he never had money for booze but spent healthy sums to court shady women and use my presence as a perfect alibi against his wife. YES YOU KNOW YOURSELF MISTER :)

Here is something that Turkish Invasion could never miss...A Russian vodka with the name "Khokhlushka" (literally meaning "Ukrainian Girl"; but in a derogatory way). And you are not wrong, the bottle cap is the Ukraine's most beautiful evil political mastermind, Timoshenko herself. I have happily distanced myself from Ukrainian politics, economics and cuisine so I guess she is still in prison. If not, she will be eventually after laundering billions of dollars where her fellow citizens waited in the cold for her gas deals with Russia to be concluded. I was there in Kiev myself and know how cold an apartment flat can get...

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